Now with big endian files support

Select endianness in the file menu and open / drop a file as usual.

Do not expect big endian EMA animation support though...

A C++ D3D Viewer / Asset explorer

SF4 Explorer allow you to browse/edit SF4 PC assets.
Head over Hunter K.'s blog for a nice tutorial


  • EMZ decompression (compressed file backup to NAME.compressed)
  • model display
  • textures display
  • Character Sub model toggle (thanks LouNGeR)
  • DDS texture extraction/injection (with file backup)
  • textured character models (open .cos and .col and select #EMO or #EMG)
  • file drag and drop
  • simple geometry extraction/injection[/b] (vertex inject only available #EMG)
  • skeletton display
  • EMM materials browsing (no edition yet)
  • rendering option toolbar: skeleton, wireframe, ....
  • advanced models shading (bump map & correct ink shader)
  • correct normals and face orientation OBJ export (EMO/EMG)
  • animation names listing (#EMA)